move to another server

I am now hosting this website on my own server located at my house. I am using Cloudflare tunnel, Cloudflare catch, docker, GitHub, and Jenkins to create and host this and my personal site. I will make multiple videos on how to do this. It took me a while to set it up correctly.

still fixing a few issues with the website

I still need to fix a few more issues on this website. The doc page is still messed up, and I have some SEO things to make the website better to find in search engines. I still need to get the copy-and-paste to work correctly.

youtube channel

Sorry, getting the syncthing video up and running has been taking forever. I had some issues when I was recording it. I have recorded it three times, and there are some spots I need to rerecord again. Then I have to finish editing it. I am still learning DaVinci Resolve, so it takes some time to create the video.